The History of Sayyad Baba Meer Mukund, Sonepat

In Jatwara's Sainipura area of Sonepat, there is an ancient place of Sayyad Baba Meer Mukund which is said to be 1000 year old. At this place, Baba Meer Mukund had prayed for a long time and during that period people from every sector of society used to come here for his blessings. Here the Baba, when he reached at the end of his age, took his Samadhi (detached his soul from his body through deep meditation). Since then, this place has become a place of worship and faith. Here, twice every year at the time of Holi and Diwali festivals, fairs are held in the memory of Baba. Every Thursday people come and pray here by putting incense sticks and spreading clean cloth sheet (chaddar) on the Samadhi place. People from every sector of society come here with desires to get their wishes fulfilled. People have also made a concrete statue of Baba's horse. Beside the Samadhi of Baba, there are another 10 Samadhis of other saints also. The local people have helped and contributed immensely in upkeeping of this place. Presently, Baba Sammundarnath is looking after and is the priest at this place.

Jai Kanwar
Municipal Counsellor
Ward No. 1, Sonepat
Baba Samunder Nath
Pujari, Baba Meer Mukund

Baba Ki Samadhi

Old Samadhi

Old Samadhi

Old Gate

Baba Ka Ghoda

Baba Ka Dhuna


Baba Samundernath

Maa Shakti

Kwali Aayojan