First Milestone

Before Year 1999

600 years old ancient and historical Tomb situated in Jatwara area of Sonepat district was in pitiable and dilapidated condition. There were wide cracks in walls and lakhori bricks started brittling. The people had encroached upon the land surrounding the Tomb. The way to reach the monument was also in bad shape. The tomb premises was always filled with filthy water and mud. In spite of being under the control and supervision of Archaeological Survey of India (A.S.I.), no proper attention was being paid for the maintenance of Tomb and its premises. As a consequence of negligency by concerned authority, there was every possibility of losing the existence of this Tomb due to pitiable and dilapidated conditions.

After Year 2000

In the view of deteriorating physical conditions of Tomb, an organization in the name and style of “Society for the Development and Beautification of the Sonepat Town” can into being on 14th August 2000 under the charimanship of former Deputy Commissioner Sh. Sudhir Rajpal, I.A.S., consisting of 21 members. The Deputy Commissioner of Sonepat District is ex-officeo chairman of the said society. The society has convened more than 10 annual meetings so far from time to time. The soceity has managed to free the premises from unauthorized encroachments apart from taking necessary steps for cleanliness and proper maintenance. After the removal of unauthorized encroachment s the work was initiated to construct boundary wall of Tomb premises spread over 4 acres of land. After completion of this work, the co-operation of A.S.I. was solicited so as to ensure rennovation work once again. Further beautiful green park was also developed in and around Tomb. After lapse of 8 years, the society has been able to fully develop and ensured proper maintenance.

At present this historical monument has become a centre of special attraction for the tourists from all over the world. In order to achieve the desired results, Society Member Secretary, Mr. Rajesh Kumar has taken keen interest in ensuring the success of this project. Now it will be the endeavour of Society to arrange for lighting of monument apart from leasing of Waqf land in favour of Society. The cultural programmes and painting competitions for children are organized in the premises from time to time. The district administration has made special contribution for the beautification of Tomb and its premises.