The History of Lord Buddha’s Visit to Village Kumaspur, Sonepat

The village Kumaspur of Distt. Sonipat has a very old history. It is said that in 545 BC, Lord Buddha himself had visited this village. Lord Buddha, when he came to this village, he saw the people here were very peace loving, truthful and simple in nature. Lord Buddha gave his blessings to its people and preached about Maha Sati teachings. In ancient records, this village was known as Kamas Nigam of Kuru State. Later on its name was changed to Kamas Dham. Now it is called Kumaspur. Sh. Satya Narayan Ji Goenka in this village in 1997-98, traced this Lord Buddha’s place from ancient records/ books. In the year 2000, on about 7 ½ acres of land, this ( place of Meditation) Vipasana Sadhana Sansthan ( Center) was built. People from all over the country and also from abroad come here for meditation and prayers. At present, Mr. Raj Kumar is caring and looking after this place.

Sarpanch, Village Kumaspur, Sonepat

Aastha Pugdal Pagoda

Aastha Pugdal Pagoda

Aastha Pugdal Pagoda

Bhagwan Buddha


Dhamma Chakkar

Meditation Pose

Acharya Shri Satnarayan Goyanka

First Gate

Garden Gate

Dhamma Kaksh

Sadhana Room

Rajkumar, Vyavshthapak


Vipassana Sadhna

Vipassana Sadhna Niyamm