The History of Gored, Sonepat

Sonepat is one of the historical and ancient cities of India. Village Gored is situated in Kharkhoda sub-division of district Sonepat. In the ancient times, there used to be heavy and dense forests in this area. Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath while passing this area, stopped here for some time to pray and meditation for eternal salvation. This ancient worship place of great religious Guru and Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath is still present in the village. Subsequently, this place got inhabhitated by people and a village came up which was named after Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath as “Gorad”. Later on, many saints and sages came here to attain salvation and in search of eternal truth. In the village, there is one temple of Lord Shiva with pond and well by the side of it. The devotees have erected here an 31 feet high statue of Lord Shiva. Once in every year on the day of “Phagun Navami” a fair is held here. Presently, Yogi Baba Bholadas is priest here.

Who was Yogi Guru Gorakhnath

Around 11th century, there was a great Mahayogi Guru Gorakhnath. He was the disciple of Guru Matsyendranath. Both these Gurus belonged to ‘Nath’ community, who helped the community in its proper establishment and expansion. Yogi Guru Gorakhnath was Hath Yog preacher. It is said that once he was in deep meditation, Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva about him. Lord Shiva said that in order to teach Yog to humanity he has presented himself as Guru Gorakhnath. As such, Guru Gorakhnath is said to be ‘Shiv Avatar’ means part of Lord Shiva. Guru Gorakhnath is said to be master of 84 Siddhees (eternal powers). His teachings are mixture of Yog and Lord Shiva’s virtues. Also, he is said to be originator of ‘Nath Literature’. There are about 40 treaties written by Guru Gorakhnath. His treaties are based mainly on deep meditation, Yog, Kriyayog and spiritual salvation. Guru Gorakhnath believed that beyond attainment of power virtues (siddhees) the path to reach the state of Zero meditation, must be the main object. Zero meditation means freeing oneself from meditation and to reach a stage to experience the holy bliss and eternal power of Lord Shiva. Hathyogi is one who challenges the nature and frees himself from all the laws of nature and beyond its reach to become the great pure light.

Sarpanch, Village Gorad, Sonepat
Baba Bhola Das
Pujari, Dhuna Gorad

Gorakh Nath Temple

Guru Gorakh Nath

Guru Gorakh Nath ka Dhuna

Guru Gorakh Nath ka Dhuna

First Gate

31 Foot Shiv Pratima

Purana Kuan, Gored

Mela, Gored

Maharishi Valmiki

Sant Kabeer

Late Baba Ratan Nath

Late Baba Papu Dass

Pujari Baba Bhola Daas

Shadu in Bhandara

Sarpanch, Gored


Samadhi Baba Ratan Nath

Sankat Mochan Hanuman

Village People, Gored

31 Foot Shiv Pratima